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I am a 32 year old first time mom who is continually shocked at how much those baby books and doulas and midwives don't tell you about having and raising kids...let me tell you, it's a lot!


Second Time Around...

I think I thought being pregnant would be easier this time. I mean, I had done it once before so I knew what to expect, and I would be less nervous and more in tune with the whole process. I figured my body would kind of step up to the plate and really let this be less difficult, and more fun.

I didn't take into consideration that I have a toddler. A wild, wonderful toddler who goes 90 miles an hour all day.

So those days of double napping, soaking in the tub with a book and some Ben & Jerry's, taking leisurely walks in the park, and popping out at midnight for a chicken sandwich are all over. Instead I am waddling as fast as I can through the mall, chasing Owen down the corridors to the playground, and then trying to referee when he doesn't want to share the big play canoe with other kids. I am working on a mortgage application and my grad school work while he's napping, so I am lucky to get a nap myself most days, and when I do sleep I often wake up much too quickly because he is singing into the baby monitor from his crib. Not to mention how hard it is to haul his hefty booty in and out of said crib...sheesh! I am more exhausted than I thought humanly possible, and it is miraculous that I manage to do all this and still work part time. I am just so grateful my job keeps me seated most of the time. Phew.

Yes, the morning sickness was somewhat less intense. And I haven't gained quite as much weight this time... right now I'm at 32 pounds, as opposed to the 50 pounds I was at when I hit week 34 last time. I am less nervous about things like bad acid reflux, being unable to breathe through my nose, and waking up with leg cramps. I feel more comfortable with my body than I did 2+ years ago. But it's a lot more work this time, and a lot less pampering!

It will be all worth it though. When that little thing comes out all purple and squalling, and I find out if it's name will be Tarson Phillip or Zoey Ann, this present struggle will fade from memory immediately, and I will be glad I went through it.

I just wish that was going to happen today!!!

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